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Mind Melter by Dirty Donny Blacklight Poster 23" x 35"

Scorpio Posters

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Mind Melter by Dirty Donny Flocked Black Light Poster 23" x 35"

Mind Melter Flocked Blacklight Poster, by artist Dirty Donny Gilles, is an electrifying fusion of art, seamlessly blending the haunting allure of skulls, the sinuous elegance of cobras, and the nostalgic charm of a pinball machine. This enigmatic masterpiece marries dark mystique with retro gaming vibes, creating a visually captivating and thematically rich composition that transports the viewer into a realm where danger meets playfulness, and the surreal intertwines with the familiar. Dirty Donny is well known in the pop culture scenes of the punk, rock n roll and heavy metal underground for his extreme and bizarre images. He is a master of multiple art mediums, and his art is prominently displayed on pinball machines, hot rod cars, album covers, guitars, drum sets and more.
  • Sized 23" x 35” to Complement Any Room: This poster of Dirty Donny’s unique art adds a vibrant colorful expression to any room in normal light, and virtually comes to life under the magical glow of a blacklight.
  • Officially Licensed: The poster design, Mind Melter, is officially licensed from the artist Dirty Donny Gilles.
  • High-Quality Print on Real, Flocked Substrate Paper: Our posters feature real flocking and special-made fluorescent inks, just like the vintage psychedelic blacklight posters of the 60s. The velvety feel of the flocked fibers tells you it's the real thing. Don't settle for imitations.
  • Printed in the USA: This poster will last a lifetime, and it makes for a fun conversation starter in a bedroom, entertainment room, media center, garage, mancave, or in any recreational venue such as a bar or club.
  • Professionally Packaged: Rolled and wrapped in plastic to protect from tears and creases during transport. Simply reverse roll to flatten for hanging after receiving.
  • Give a Memorable Gift: A real flocked blacklight reactive poster provides a unique and timeless way to colorfully liven up a space, make it unforgettable, and create an exciting and thrilling atmosphere. Flocked blacklight posters transport you to a psychedelic wonderland of colors and patterns that embrace retro vibes and transform ordinary rooms into vibrant, visually stimulating environments.