Ungulates Educational Poster 24x36


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Ungulates Educational Poster 24x36

This poster is 24" x 36" and makes the perfect addition to a classroom, study, and student or children's bedrooms.

Ungulates are hoofed animals. Most use the tips of their toes to sustain their entire body weight while moving. Under the Linnaeus classification system, all were originally classified into one order, Ungulata. It was later split into two orders: (1) the Perissodactyla, or odd-toed ungulates, which includes horses, tapirs, and rhinoceri totaling 15 living species; and (2) the Artiodactyla, or eventoed ungulates. It contains about 220 species that includes pigs, camels, hippopotamuses, chevrotains, deer, giraffes, sheep, goats, cattle, and America’s unique pronghorn antelope, the sole species in its family.

This poster is divided into two sections, one for each of the two orders. Within them, all of the families are explored.