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Psychedelic Mushroom - Black & White Novelty Glass Ashtray - 4.25" Diameter

Black Ball Corp.

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Psychedelic Mushroom - Black & White Novelty Glass Ashtray

DESIGN: Add some magic to your space with this Psychedelic Mushroom Ashtray. This trippy ashtray has a wavy black & white checkerboard pattern with green and purple mushrooms on the outside and inside. It’s not just an ashtray, it’s a work of art.

MATERIAL: Easy to clean so you can spend less time cleaning nooks and crannies and more time enjoying your smoke. It measures 4.25” in diameter and 1.375” in height. With 4 convenient rests, you can enjoy a smoke with the friends. Made from high quality lab-grade borosilicate glass so it’s not easily broken.

USE: Smoke in style indoors and/or outdoors with this mushroom magic ashtray. Perfect for bars, tv rooms, man caves, outdoor living areas, kitchens, pools, picnics, restaurants and anywhere else you enjoy a smoking session. Dress up your area and provide your guests with a cool place to put their butts! The deep bowl interior collects all the ashy mess from cigarettes, cigars and other smokeable products. For the non-smoker, just repurpose this jazzy catch-all container to hold your paper clips, keys or pocket change. You don’t have to be a smoker to appreciate this container. There are no rules with this ashtray for rebels!

GIFT: You deserve better than a simple, plain, dull, boring ashtray - You deserve an ashtray with attitude like this shroom bloom ash catcher! Not only a functional, practical item for yourself or the smoker in your life, but also a trippy way to have a little fun and jazz up your decor. Consider it for a unique gift and be the gift giver that is remembered as a thoughtful gift giver.