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Drunk-opoly Board Game

Imagination Gaming

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Drunk-opoly Board Game

ENTERTAINING: This game guarantees a rowdy night filled with laughter and plenty of downing your drink of choice. It’s known as the world’s most f*cked up adult drinking game.

POUR FUN INTO EVERY ROUND: Very loosely based on traditional game you know and love. When we say loosely we mean just that - it has dice, movers and spots you land on! That’s where the similarities end because instead of passing GO, every corner has Do A Double! There will be wardrobe swaps, spontaneous selfies, clever challenges, wrecked poetry, shot directives and the always fun All Drink!

ADULT GAME NIGHT FAVORITE: This is the perfect game to play with a group of friends when sticking close to home because depending on how you choose to play, all players may end up hammered! But don’t worry, there most likely will be photographic evidence to document the night. The playing board and cards are moisture resistant because we know how crazy it can get. Top off your drink of choice, roll the dice, cross your fingers and move ahead!

  • PLAYERS: 2-8
  • AGE: Legal drinking age wherever you are (drink responsibly and don’t drive)
  • CONTENTS: 1 Splash resistant board, 60 waterproof cards, 2 dice, 8 movers and instructions