Sixteen Candles Official Movie Poster - 24" x 36"

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Sixteen Candles Official Movie Poster - 24" x 36" Sixteen Candles the classic 1984 John Hughes romantic teen comedy "It's the time of your life that may last a lifetime." "Samantha Baker is turning sixteen and she's fallen in love for the first time. It should be the best time of her life. But... Her family is so preoccupied with her sister's wedding they totally forget her birthday, the boy she loves doesn't know she exists and the class clown is putting the make on her. And... She still has to go to school, ride the bus, put up with an annoying younger brother, a hopelessly vain older sister, four delirious grandparents and a whacked-out foreign exchange student. Well, hang in there, Samantha. The day's not over yet. You may still get one wish. "Turning sixteen isn't easy, when you've fallen in love... For the first time." The poster features Molly Ringwald as Samantha Baker, Anthony Michael Hall as The Geek, and Michael Schoeffling as Jake.